It’s That Time of Year Again: 6 Tips for Successful Spring Cleaning!

It’s That Time of Year Again: 6 Tips for Successful Spring Cleaning!

You are likely one of two people: the kind that loves spring cleaning or the type that is not excited about it at all. No matter which side you fall on, we have provided you with a set of six tips to help you enjoy a very successful spring cleaning!

1. Break it all down.

If you’re not the type to get chipper about spring cleaning, you may be dreading the thought of the tasks you’ll need to tackle. So, to keep from overwhelming yourself, break your tasks down into 15-minute intervals. Some of the tasks you can take care of in short time windows include:

  • Dusting – Grab your dusting wand and use it on any open surface you can see. If you have a little extra time, use some furniture polish to complete this task with a glossy finish.
  • Ceiling fan cleaning – Use a damp cloth, duster, or even a pillowcase if you’re feeling creative! Clean off those blades in a few short minutes.
  • Baseboards – Use a microfiber mop to quickly clear any dust and debris that has collected on your baseboards.

Try listing the different tasks you can take care of in 15-minute increments and address one at a time whenever you have a few moments to spare. Before you know it, all the items on your list will be checked off!

2. Use the right tools.

Make tools work for you when tackling your cleaning projects. For example, instead of cleaning your blinds one by one, taking more time than necessary, purchase an affordable cleaning tool that has more than one cleaning “claw” to tackle your blinds a few rows at a time. For bathroom cleaning, try using a mop with an extendable pole to help you get the space clean without forcing you face-to-face with grime.

3. Tackle the exterior of your windows.

The efforts you put toward cleaning your windows can quickly get thwarted by the exterior, as this side of the glass is exposed to the elements. Tackle the outside windows on an overcast day, so the sunlight doesn’t immediately dry up your window cleaner, leaving it streaky. 

4. Work in batches.

Batching your tasks can help you move much more efficiently. For instance, before addressing some of your bigger cleaning projects, take out all the trash in your house. Next, move to laundry – if it’s dirty, get it in the hamper and set up a queue in your laundry room. With trash cleared out and laundry in the works, you can address all open surfaces with a surface cleaner in one hand and a set of microfiber rags in the other. Or, if you prefer to work room to room, ignore everything else and focus on your kitchen or bedroom. Once all tasks are complete there, move on to the next room.

5. Sort your clutter.

Get ready to make some piles – one for donations and one for items to keep. You may want to make a third if you have items you’d like to sell. Once your piles are complete, tackle each one at a time to get them sent off into their new homes.

6. Ask for help.

Sometimes, we want to do it all. But spring cleaning is a great time to tackle projects with your family and friends. Plus, a little extra laughter and conversation while tackling chores helps the time go a lot faster!

With a few tips for improving your spring cleaning plan, you will soon be able to kick your feet up, lean back, and bask in an ultra-sparkly and organized home!


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